Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Taco Tuesday!

Today will be short and sweet for those of you on a time crunch. I’ve been going to yoga religiously for about three months now, after going off and on quarterly or twice yearly for four or five years, and absolutely love how my body (and mind) respond after a session! My poor muscles are cooked from swimming, biking, and running, and while yoga still hurts and some poses make me want to cry, it provides a wealth of benefits.

Flexibility, giving your hip flexors some love, and being able to quiet the noise from the world around you would be my personal takeaways and perks that I cherish. I don’t care for the spiritual aspects of yoga, and go to a more “power” oriented class rather than a candlelight tranquility session. The experience is about discovering what your body needs from each workout, whether relaxation, challenge, or otherwise, and delivering on that specific need.

My instructor said something today that I found rather profound and just wanted to share:

“Stop trying to be someone – you already are.

As I rushed out of the class to shower and zoom off to the office, only to continue running around between a slew of errands and the regular rigmarole, it struck me that it is good to slow down and be yourself. I think as a culture we do just the opposite – drive ourselves crazy trying to be someone else… if we all just were ourselves, what kind of world would we live in?

Anyway, that’s a wrap :-)

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