The Avocado Principles

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Sometimes I am sent an article that is just too good not to share. This is one of those articles… Disclaimer: I did not write this post. All original material can be found at this link, credited to Seth’s Blog.

The Avocado Principles

  1. If you wait until you really want an avocado, the market won’t have any ripe ones. You need to buy them in advance.
  2. If you eat an avocado that’s not quite ripe, you won’t enjoy it. [Also], you won’t have a chance to enjoy it tomorrow, when it would have been perfect if you had only waited.
  3. If you live your life based on instant gratification and little planning, you’ll either never have a good avocado or you’ll pay more than you should to someone else who planned ahead.
  4. Buy more avocados than you think you need, because the hassles are always greater than the cost, so you might as well invest.
  5. And since you have so many, share them when they’re ripe. What goes around comes around.

All of these truths lead to the real insight, the metaphor that’s just waiting to be lived in all ways: If you get ahead of the cycle, waiting until the first one is ripe and then always replenishing before you need one, you can live an entire life eating ripe avocados. On the other hand, if impatience and poor planning gets you behind the cycle, you’ll be just as likely to waste every one you ever eat.

Plant your tree before you need the shade.

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A few concepts I would like to key off of:

  • Spend time doing planning (and thinking) – If you look across the small selection of those who lead fulfilling lives, you will see that they spend a lot of time thinking, pulling pieces together, and making plans. They don’t sit passively by, waiting for something to happen, they take action, lay planning bricks, thinking big about the world, and seek to improve quality of life for those around them.
  • Wait until the opportune moment – Timing is everything, but it is a tricky monster to tame. Patience absolutely has its place, but so does striking while the iron is hot. The ability to wait for the sweet spot is a skill best learned over time, and with only a wide swath of experiences ranging from drastic failure to enjoyable success. Somewhere in the middle of adequate preparation and intense dedication lies the perfect time to launch into action!
  • Get away from instant gratification – We live in the world of Amazon 2 Day Shipping, Netflix binging, food delivered to your doorstep by tapping a button, and the mentality that we deserve something sooner than later (and without saving or planning for it). Oh, and did I forget to mention that a huge group of civilization is addicted to their smartphones? That doesn’t help. Humanity needs to get back to living within the moment, caring and socializing with other people to establish and build new relationships, and to exchange information the way we used to – in person :-)
  • Invest! – Education, physical fitness, and relationships all require one thing – investment. You have to be willing to do the homework, put in the time, and set aside selfishness in exchange for empathy. You must have the forethought to look down the road and imagine a world with the outcomes you desire, and then take a step, usually many, to invest your time, energy, or resources into making that happen.
  • Share – I stand from no place of judgment on this topic, but (again) as a society, we really seemed to have lost our way with sharing. It’s only rarely and with a very select group of people that sharing and care are genuine concerns of mine – even rarer is it something I take action on. All too often I sit back and say no, that is someone else’s problem. Oops :( Sharing is a piece of making an investment in humanity. Maybe it’s pointing out a teachable moment to a student, giving a coworker the chance to bask solo in the spotlight for a project’s success, or just reading a great book and posting a review of it. The world only continues to get smaller, and we are much better served making that journey looking out for one another instead of trying to be the hero.

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