Marathon Prep: We’re Halfway There

Altra Kayenta

Well, summer is about to blastoff, and already it’s pretty stinking busy. Anytime the 4th of July rolls around, I almost feel the need to begin talking about college football and holiday schedules. Yikes. It’s all downhill and jam-packed from here through December!

With about three months until my marathon, it’s time to get serious on those running miles. I’ve ticked off 452.9 miles so far in 2019, which is definitely a lot for me. However, my plan, compliments of Mr. Hal Higdon, has me running 462.2 more miles before 9/16, and 547 more miles before 2020 begins. Holy moly. Good thing I have a lot of shoes… My guess would be that I hit 85-95% of those remaining miles. It’s hard squeezing in 100% of a plan given life circumstances, vacations, other sports, and rest days, but there’s no time like the present.

It’s nice being a multisport athlete because I get to spread some of those run miles across the bike (less pavement pounding isn’t a bad thing). For many reasons, bike fitness helps running, and in more ways than one, but not the other way around. I also strongly argue that swimming and weight training helps both :D Those pencil-armed athletes are just making it hard on themselves…

Feeling hopeful for a solid performance in September, and I plan on spending this week recovering from the humid swamp-lands of Florida that I just returned from. SO THANKFUL NEVADA HAS NO HUMIDITY!

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