Marathon Prep: The Home Stretch

Ah, the warm, toasty sensation of getting into your car when it’s 99 degrees outside. Yuck! Can’t say that I’ve missed that, especially when that means I’m driving off to the trails to go run for a few hours…the joys of “getting the miles in” 0:-)

Shockingly, it’s been a while since the last marathon update. That sure went by in a hurry! Somewhere in between, I completed my 14th 70.3 and my wife smashed her first triathlon ever! So proud of her :D :D :D

177.62 miles in the past 50 days, and I’m starting to feel it a bit in the legs and the brain. Fortunately, only two long runs are left on the training plan. A doozy of an 18er, which, if all went well, was completed last night (am I alive?), and a 20 mile haul down the lonely 395 highway heading towards Carson City. And that’s it! It will be off to Seattle for a well-earned and hopefully well-prepared 26.2 miles.

Seventeen runs remain, which is not very many considering that 117 miles remain to be run x-[

Daaang! Kind of makes me miss IRONMAN training…

Triathlon season will officially end this Saturday, as myself and some Reno-ites travel to Granite Bay, CA to throw-down for the annual tri-club championships, and although I’ll miss my time on my bike, I’m kind of looking forward to having those races out of the way.

It’s been a great season, culminating with a victory at June Lake, which is certainly the proverbial cherry on top, but there is definitely some comfort to be found in not having any intense, gut-busting goals on the calendar after September. I’m going to be quite content training the little man for his first upcoming 10K – that should make turkeys out of us both :D


On the flip side, my hard work will be complete by the time Nevada football kicks off next Friday against Purdue (we don’t get many visitors from the Big 10). And the arrival of college football is one thing that I love because it means that fall is close behind it, and as we all know, September is the best month there is!

Battle Ready. Battle Born!

Happy trails.

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Picture credit (Google). Banana split credit. Battle Born.

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