The Emoji Life for Me 😎

Since smartphones first took the world by storm, the power and impact of the simple emoji has been widespread. It ends up in emails, texts, work chats, and even pillow designs. I’m still waiting for a pirate and a ninja (ninja is slated for 2020!), but in general, there are plenty of small, cute (or not so cute) characters to convey any mood or expression I’m in 🤩

While many of you are experts at firing off a string of fun, colorful characters on your smartphone, you may not know that your computer is just as capable of inserting some flair (Office Space anyone??) into your rather drab and uninspired work communications. Or, you could use Slack…

Here we go (I stumbled upon the Windows shortcut by accident and further confirmed in this article by Buffer).

  • On Windows: click on a text field and hit the Windows button + ; (semi-colon). Select your favorite emoji(s) from the list that pops up. There is even a secret Windows-only emoji. Let me know if you find it!
  • On Mac: click on a text field and hit Command + Control + Space. Select your emoji from the giant list and voilà!

And for those of us who prefer brutal efficiency over hackish key strokes, I give you Literally, the definition of life changing! 🤯🤯🤯 Have you ever seen anything more glorious!? You can even search by keywords! Yipeee!


Hope you have a wonderful Friday and an excellent weekend. College basketball is getting crazy, people! 🏀

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