The Struggle Is Real…But So Are the Blessings

Happy Friday!

There are only 83 days left in 2020. That’s really not very many at all… have you been using them wisely?

While the year may have dragged by at a brutally gross pace, those 282 days kind of clipped by in a sense as well. Everything “before the Quarantine” feels like it was decades ago, and yet I can’t remember what I did last Thursday…

I think a collective theme for many this year is struggle. Personal struggles, emotional struggles, work struggles, state of the universe struggles, spousal struggles, financial struggles, even sibling struggles. Perhaps it’s something in the water, or perhaps people are tired of the meaningless distractions and noise, but many seem to be more willing to discuss what is actually going on with them from a blunt and truthful perspective. A genuine interaction is a great interaction!

I can also make a very strong case that the “whitewashed world” of social media, where everything is perfect and flawless, has grown tiresome, has fatigued many, and is rewiring the joy and fullness of life, that we used to experience, into a contaminated and toxic cesspool. More on that coming in next week’s post.

If your 2020 experience is like mine, then you can count, on one hand, the number of smiling faces you have seen in your day-to-day excursions. In one sense, people seem to have forgotten the many things that are going well and that they are still blessed with. On the other side of that coin, faces are physically being masked (shielded) from one another. I’ve had to be very intentional with conveying emotion with my eyes (eye rolls?!) because 50% of my face is covered with one of those horrid masks anytime I wander into a store. There is a sense of hidden emotions and a blockage of our experiences from one another – all the more reason to be forthcoming and supportive.

I think it’s natural to feel like “the point” of all of this is unclear. Many, many times this year I have had to make time to sit and think and be quiet and put away all of the annoying electronic devices in order to sit and dwell on life. I’ve had to intentionally find what is in my control and use it to create a plan of action. Am I disappointed in 10,000 things this year? Of course. Do I think the world is ending? Only 8% of the time…

We’re not out of the woods yet. Just remember that despite what the world or the media or the crazy Internet wants you to believe, your life matters, and we are called to make the most of it.

Have an excellent weekend!

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