The State of the Universe

Good morning, Reno!

And just like that, I slipped from my blog game in the blink of an eye. Eight weeks later… yet again. Cool. Super cool. The biggest problem with that is that I’m not sure what I have to show for those two months. Blech…

My dog and I are trying to enjoy a cup of hyper-caffeinated tea while the gigantic woodpecker hole is repaired in the side of our house. Who knew that was a thing? I expect such shenanigans in Tennessee. In northern Nevada? Color me surprised. I expected to wake up to a snowstorm or a leaking toilet or a flat tire, but a shower of bird feathers and Styrofoam? Wasn’t quite in the books for me… :D

In just a few, short weeks it feels like everything has changed. At this point I look back at 2020 and think, wow, it may not have been as fun as I had expected, but it certainly seems better than some of the things that have happened in 2021 so far. If perception is reality (is it?), then I must say, feels like the 2021 train may be a struggle for a while before we pull into the next station. Come on, baseball season!!!

Perseverance and hope often go hand in hand. How do you do one without the other? How can you possibly care for your family or wake up ready for the day without a sense of hope? We all need a guiding purpose. A very clear directional beacon or something to cling to when the waves get high and the ship takes on water and you forget how to swim. All too often we look to ourselves to find those. If I have learned anything, it’s that I am the absolute wrong person to rely on for providing any of that :D I think of the command to be strong and courageous… definitely not doing either very well this year either *face palm*

“The comfort of your own home” has ironically been a phrase of irony and a sick twist of fate more than anything else since March 2020. It’s just somewhere that I’m stuck often (work from home, chores around the house, sleep, etc.) rather than a place of relaxation after a day in the office, or a basecamp to begin our family weekend adventures. No, the comfort to be found is much different than we expect, and maybe we need to be more comfortable being uncomfortable (say that five times fast).

Things just are really tough for everyone. I can’t say I know anyone who wakes up every day and is like I’M TOTALLY CRUSHING IT – GO MEEEEEE! For me, I have had to search for joy in caring for my family’s needs as best as I can (especially when I don’t want to), and checking up on my friends as I am able. The rest is just noise. Pointless, distracting noise. Except Taco Tuesdays. Those are still great ;-) Everything is extra intense and extra humbling this year. Certainly has opened my eyes that I have nothing together.

With all of that being said, triathlon season is back in 10 days! AHHHH WHAT?!?!?!! So excited. September 2019 was a long time ago…

Speaking of noise, electric guitar is still super fun and I’ve loved the 10 months I’ve had on it!!! Yahoo! Plenty of videos to check out if you’re bored :-) Apparently everyone loves Metallica – Fade to Black – who knew?

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