First Month: Now, For the Rest of Your Life

For Handsome:

It’s been a month since I squeezed your cheeks,

And tickled your toes.

It’s been thirty days since I held you so close,

Or smooshed your silly, squishy rolls.

I’m so proud of you for battling on.

You’ve made me a better man,

Thank you for passing it along.

You never minded when I cried or read you a book,

And I could always count on you to roll your eyes and give me “the look.”

I see you in the sun and drifting among the clouds,

The house is too quiet – I want it loud.

Daily I look through your pictures and always I see,

Your beautiful brown eyes looking at your mother and me.

I want to stroke your head and poke your tummy.

I’m so curious to know if you thought tacos would be extra yummy.

Maximus Rex will carry on as your friend,

My dear, sweet boy – this isn’t the end.

When coming and going, you’re always on my mind.

My heart is with you and you are with mine.

I feel like I’m drifting,

Without you around.

What a large impact you made,

But you aren’t lost – you’ve been found!

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